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RoboGenius™ Academy

We live in a world that is changing more rapidly than ever before. Children will face a continual stream of new issues and challenges in the future.
Things that they learn today will be obsolete tomorrow. To thrive, they must learn to design innovative solutions. Their success and satisfaction will be based on their ability to think and act creatively. Knowledge alone is not enough; they must learn to use their knowledge.

Godtfred Kirk Kristiansen, the founding father of the LEGO system of play,believed that children should not be offered ready-made solutions, instead
they needed something different that would strengthen their imagination and creativity. Creating value for life.

Parents are seeking modern, technology enabled learning solutions that work to develop essential 21st Century life skills such as critical thinking, creative problem solving, collaboration, communication, leadership and innovation along with academic brilliance in their children. Educational institutions are not equipped to fulfill this critical need of modern education. There are more than 250 million children in the age group of 6-12 years in India. After school handson learning STEM Education Market potential is estimated to be in excess of Rs 3000 crores in India. Our vision is to take leadership position in this vast untapped market segment.



Learning by doing and hands-on learning methodology applied at the RoboGenius Academy prepares children for deeper understanding of core STEM concepts and 21st Century Skills for a fulfilling personal and professional lives. Studies show a marked improvement in the academic achievements of children who undergo our programs.

At RoboGenius Academy, students learn key science and maths concepts as they work together in an exciting and engaging atmosphere with certified faculty to build models and Robots using LE platform in an exciting and engaging atmosphere. Age appropriate, structured courses are offered for children in primary through senior school and all the way up to college level. Each session comprises of distinct projects with specific learning outcomes.